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  • We create integrated residential areas and small-scale multi-use projects with excellent living conditions and recreational facilities. We also develop infrastructure, such as schools, healthcare centres, shops and attractive public areas.

    Bouwfonds Property Development is the market leader in the field of inner-city areas and extension locations. In developmental processes, which often take years, we are a stable and financially sound partner.
    • Largest developer of residential areas in the Netherlands 
    • One of the top 3 players on the European market  
    • Homes sold in 2013: 5,169 
    • Sales 2013: € 1.3 billion


    Zenettiplatz - München

    Old becomes new: an office building transformed into high-quality residential homes.

    We are a solidly anchored developer creating living environments with a high functional value, experience value and future value.

    Bouwfonds Property Development

  • MAB Development is a leading and innovative European developer of commercial property and multifunctional inner urban projects. Our vision and daring have been key in the development of leading projects for forty years. We allow ourselves to be inspired by users and their desires.
    On this basis we create innovative multifunctional and inner urban projects of the highest quality, in the Netherlands and abroad. For example, we provide cities with sustainable and successful combinations of living, shopping, working and recreation.
    •  Property portfolio: € 5.9 billion
    • Total portfolio: 2,202,000 m2
    • Retail: 626,000 m2 
    • Office property: 176,000 m2
    • Multifunctional property: 1,400,000 m2
    • Offices in the Netherlands, Germany and France


    De Rotterdam - Rotterdam

    A new icon for an iconic city

    MAB Development is a leading and innovative European developer of commercial real estate and multi-use city centre projects.

    MAB Development

  • With professional know-how and passion for our profession, we offer sustainable solutions for sustainable relationships. FGH Bank has a large number of specialists in a wide range of areas of expertise.
    With our network of offices in the Netherlands we understand the current issues concerning our clients and on the market. We are also able to present the finance proposal best-suited to each property transaction.
    • Established in 1890
    • Offices in the Netherlands: 9
    • Number of employees: ± 300
    • Portfolio size:  € 19.4 billion


    FGH Bank - The real estate bank

    FGH Bank is the ultimate specialist for financing commercial real estate.

    Thanks to its years of expertise and experience in the real estate market, FGH Bank is able to offer any and every type of property finance.

    FGH Bank

  • Bouwfonds Investment Management (Bouwfonds IM) is the real asset investment management company of Rabo Real Estate Group, one of Europe’s leading real estate companies. We offer distinctive investment products for institutional and private clients in selected real estate, infrastructure and natural resources sectors.
    Bouwfonds IM manages a portfolio with a total value of € 5.9 billion, distributed among the following sectors: commercial and residential real estate, communication infrastructure, parking, and agriculture (Rabo Farm). Bouwfonds IM has local offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland and Romania, and employs over 160 FTE.
    • Since 2001 
    • Employees: more than 160
    • Assets under Management: more than € 5.9 billion
    • Offices in Hoevelaken, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Poland and Romania


    European Real Estate Parking Fund II

    Pan-European investment fund in car parks for German institutional investors

    Bouwfonds Investment Management is the real asset investment manager of Rabo Real Estate Group, offering distinctive investment products.

    Bouwfonds IM

    Investing in real estate

  • The strength of Public Fund Management Netherlands lies in private development power and the application of innovative financing structures, combining government funding with private money flows.

    Public Fund Management Netherlands has assets under management totalling €2.8 billion (2010) and employs some 90 staff members. With Public Fund Management Netherlands, Rabo Real Estate Group lends modern substance to its corporate citizenship.
    Activities Public Fund Management.
    We manage the following funds:
    • National Restoration Fund
    • Dutch National Fund for Rural Areas
    • Dutch Housing Stimulation Fund
    • National Trust for the Industrial Heritage in the Netherlands
    • Farming and Countryside Fund
    • Netherlands Climate Landscape Foundation


    De Creative Factory - The Netherlands

    BOEi redevelops the Creative Factory into a hotspot for creative start-ups and technology professionals.

    With Public Fund Management Netherlands, Rabo Real Estate Group lends modern substance to its corporate citizenship.

    Public Fund Management